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Just read a tweet which said something like “woooot, just got 50 retweets today..” That leads to my question of today: Is showing off important? What counts in social media?

Is it really all about quantity? 42.193 followers on twitter? 3.591 rss subscribers? 582 retweets? Obviously, it’s not!

That’s kinda the “old thinking”. The CPT (cost per thousand) thing. But what does it mean when a thousand people see your tweet or post or whatever? Right. Nothing! It only matters if you reach the right people.

It’s all about value! Who do you reach? And who will be reached by those you reach?

Once again let’s have a look at twitter. There are tons of people with 10k followers and more. But just have a look at whom they are following. Most of the time they are following a high number of accounts too. Kind of “you follow me, I follow you..” – most of them won’t even do it by themselves. It’s all automated by robots like “tweetadder” or similar. So do not simply have a closer look at pure numbers – take your time to have a look at what’s behind those numbers! On the other hand: If there is someone following 100 people and is followed by 10.000 you might guess that this guy tells some interesting things once in a while…

When you’re new to this Social Media Game, it’s not a shame to ask for help (e.g. at www.seosun.info ;-) ). Honestly, if not asking for help, how should one learn what’s important? Right..

BTW: It’s the same with friends on Facebook, Myspace or similar. Having 1.000 friends does not mean anything besides that someone put a lot of time into adding random people (at the best – once again most might have been done by robots).

Just think about and keep that in mind. During the next weeks we’ll focus on some social media measurement tactics that might work :-) And now go ahead and open the first door! ;-)

It’s all about the benjamins, baby!

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